Deploying extremely qualified executives at competitive rates to develop pragmatic, executable strategies for both business and technology.

Newbold Advisors can develop a pragmatic, actionable strategy that will offer meaningful results to all your business stakeholders.  The end result is an actionable, pragmatic plan that ensures your investment dollars are applied in the best way to move towards your future state.  Our strategy engagements include both business and technology strategy development.

For more about technology strategy, visit our Technology Strategy page.

Our method is simple.

  • We work across the four pillars of process, data, technology and organization to define a future state aligned to your company’s direction.
  • Gaps are assessed and projects identified, prioritized and sequenced and the investment planned.
  • We have applied these methods from both a technology and a business perspective, as well as, for the enterprise or for a specific division.


Our consultants have “been there, done that” so if you need industry insight, Newbold’s executive consultants will help you to consider all the options and then to define and implement actionable solutions.

Contact Newbold Advisors when your company is looking to:

  • Grow organically or through acquisitions;
  • Integrate your operations with those of an acquired business;
  • Develop or re-organize to your leadership team;
  • Reduce costs through process re-design, offshoring or outsourcing;
  • Develop new sources of liquidity through the capital markets;
  • Streamline through the use of new technology; or
  • Explore new product lines or business sources.